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Making feedback count reader

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Target audience


This reader is suitable for all primary and secondary school teachers.


Product overview


Making feedback count is one of a series of four booklets on practical ways to implement what is often known as assessment for learning in the classroom. While not everyone agrees that the term “assessment for learning” describes the full range of assessment strategies, there is no denying that assessment is integral to raising pupils’ achievements. Like the others in the series, this booklet is a tribute to the inventiveness and ingenuity of hundreds of teachers who have used the ideas behind assessment for learning to help young people learn more effectively.


The ideas and case studies in this booklet show how teachers have not only taken the philosophy that underpins assessment for learning to heart but have picked up a wealth of practical classroom ideas and adapted them to suit different age groups and subject areas. A key role in helping someone to learn is to support, structure, mediate and scaffold their learning by helping them to work in the gap between what they already know, understand or can do at the moment and what they will want or need to know, understand or be able to do in the future.


The booklet comprises three sections:


  1. Improving verbal feedback
  2. Making written marking manageable
  3. Making your written marking count


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