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Train to inspect British schools overseas

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Cambridge Education’s inspection training programme aims to give delegates opportunities to review the key inspection skills of classroom observation, data analysis, work scrutiny and discussion, understanding the context in which British schools overseas operate and to acquire the competence necessary to participate in inspections.

Who should attend?


Senior leaders in British schools overseas, education consultants and/or school inspectors wishing to extend their experience.




As a minimum requirement inspectors must have at least five years’ teaching experience and have held at least one post of significant whole-school responsibility in a British curriculum school, either in the UK or overseas.

What will it cover?


The two-day programme will cover the following areas:



  • the purposes and processes of BSO inspections
  • the key inspection skills

  • principles by which inspectors must act to ensure high standards of professional conduct

  • the instruments used in inspection to record evidence

  • the importance of the impact of leadership and management

  • the centrality of teaching and its impact on learning

  • analysing and evaluating information about students' performance to make judgements about achievement and standards

  • analysing pre-inspection evidence, including self-evaluation, to identify issues to be followed up on inspection

  • framing appropriate questions to students to evaluate their knowledge, skills and understanding, and their attitudes to school

  • framing appropriate questions to staff to evaluate the quality of teaching, leadership and management and the school climate

  • making judgements about leadership, teaching, learning and assessment, the curriculum, SMSC and British values, and outcomes

  • effective feedback to teachers

  • writing effectively

  • making judgements clear and unequivocal

  • working as an inspection team.


Delegates will be assessed by written exercises carried out at a distance. The exercises will assess:



  • knowledge and understanding of inspection and strategies to collect evidence
  • ability to synthesise written evidence and data about aspects of a school's performance and to write an accurate evaluative summary
  • ability to make accurate judgements based on evidence about teaching and learning, behaviour and outcomes after watching a lesson on video.


Assessment objectives




  • Judgements about the school and what it needs to do to improve are fair and accurate.
  • Communication of inspection findings is clear and helpful to the school.
  • Evidence is secure and substantiates all inspection judgements.
  • Conduct of the inspection is highly professional.




Two days.







To find out more or to book a place

For more information or to book a place please call us on +44 (0) 1223 463757 or email us at




Most of our courses can also be delivered as in-school or cluster training
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  • Very positive. Helpful range of case study material to focus training skills.
    Stephen Noon, course delegate
  • Enjoyable sessions and very informative.
    Anita Holt, course delegate
  • Extremely informative and clear in its expectations. A very enjoyable course, delivered with great enthusiasm.
    Nathalie Bardsley, Czech British School
  • An excellent course, especially for our strong classroom practitioners and middle/senior leaders.
    Philip Walters, Headmaster, British School of Bucharest
  • I feel that I have a clear understanding of what is required and that it can help my own current practice. Overall an excellent and inspiring two days.
    Dr Steve Lewis, Director European School Bergen
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